I’m BACK!!! AND a Free entry to ANY See Jane Run race!!!

Wooooooo whoooooo!!

Hey Guys! I missed you!! There is sooooooooooo much to catch up on!!

Running, CIZE Live, new food stuff,  more exercise and I’m working on a new look for the blog!! What what!!

I know I have been away for a while but to make up for it I one have one free entry to any See Jane Run Race!! There is one next weekend here in the Bay Area! We can get free bubbles together after the race!! BOOM!


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Can’t wait to catch up more on all of the exciting thing going on!!

Kristen xoxo

Berkeley Half Marathon/ CIM Marathon Training

I’m running the CIM Marathon in 4 weeks!!! AHHHHHHH! Why do I sign up for this stuff!?!? Here is my problem with that! I hate long training runs! After 15 miles on a training run I’m soooooooo bored!! Like I want to run in to oncoming traffic bored. Last year on a whim I decided to meet up with a friend that was running a half and run 5 miles before the start of the race so I could get my 18 miles in. AMAZING!!!!!! All of the good, happy, I just started my run and I love it! feelings I got before the race and instead of the “I’ve been running for almost three hours and if I have to eat another gel, why am I running this far not in race” rage spiral at the end, I got a super awesome medal and a free banana! YEAH!!

This year I decided to do the same. I signed up for the Berkeley Half on 11/9. I picked up my packet on Saturday and it wasn’t super busy, but it is only a small race. They had the pickup at the UC Berkeley football stadium which seemed like a good idea but the parking was a nightmare. If they do the same next year try and go on Friday if you can. The expo wasn’t even busy at all so it ended up taking longer for me to park then pick up my stuff and walk the line of booths. As far as booths there was nothing too exciting, so I just waked the line up and left.

This is my favorite pre-meal!! Gluten Free Obvi!

Pre run beverage of choice! Black, no sugar!

The trick to doing a Marathon training run/race is you have to pick a race that doesn’t start at 6 otherwise you would have to get up at some ungodly hour to run your pre-race miles. The Berkeley Half Marathon started at 8, which in my opinion is the time every race should start!

Five Miles down only a half to go!

This year the course was quite a bit different, which I liked. Last year a large part of the race was in a park type area running on gravel and that is a little to close to trail running for me. Also last year, there was a massive hill right at 12.5 mile point, so yeah that was not cool. This year the hills were front loaded which I prefer because it prevents me from starting out to fast as well as getting you in the habit of running negative splits! BOOM! Thanks hills!!

Another great thing about running your long training runs with a race on the back is you have all of the excitement and energy of a race to keep pushing you when you get tired, as well as on course staff just in case you collapse. (Please don’t run to this point, I was being dramatic but if you feel like you are going to pass out, Please stop!!)

The on course support for this race was good, like any race should be. The post race totally made up for the expo being only so so.  Whole Foods was there! Nesquick was there with Girl Scout Flavored Chocolate Milk!!! Amazeballs!! Zeel Massage also had a booth. Free post race massages are my fav!!! (a little birdie told me that they are going to be at the SF marathon next year!!) Zeel is a new app that offers same day massages in your home. Super awesome!!! Check it out!!!

This girl saved my post run legs!

Love the double Bling!!


Post race party time!!

So all and all it was a success! 20 miles next week on my own, no free banana. 😦

So to summarize:
Berkeley Half marathon:
1. Expo – meh
2. Race course – great
3. Post race – amazeballz

Long training run with a race:
1. No end of run rage spiral
2. On run water stations
3. And Bathrooms
4. Free banana

What do you do to get through those loooooong marathon training runs?

Kristen xo

Fuel your body! It’s a lot cheeper then fueling your car.

Watch this video!

Sports Beans!!!

So I ran the Water to Wine half marathon using sports beans instead of my normal GU’s. Here is my review on it.

Pros –

  • Sports Beans are delicious
  • You don’t have to eat the full pack – you can reseal it and you won’t get all gel all over you
  • They worked just the same as other energy gels that I have used before


  • There is a little more work involved get them down. You can’t put all of them in your mouth at once during your race you could almost choke (at least that’s what happened to me) I’m not good at moderation.

Would I use them again? Heck Yes!

I did get 6th in my age group but my Man got 1st overall spectator! I’m sure it was the Sports Beans!

What do you use to fuel your runs? And your favorite flavor?

SS x

PS. All of these are my honest opinions. I have a lot of them but they are all mine.

Hot Summer Races 2, Me 0

Workout: RPM

I will never ever enjoy hot weather running. Saturday night I ran the Davis MOO-n light half marathon and it was 95 degrees at the start at 7pm. Ugggggggg. I have always always struggled in races with high temps. This was no exception. It was not my favorite race.

The race it self was actually perfectly run and they had a ton of Swag! I would totally run it again just as long as it is not 95 degrees at 7 pm.

I got three full size jars of this stuff

And a full box of Emergen-C

I also got about 30 packets of Sports Beans! Yay beans!!! For my next race, I going to try the Beans and no GU’s. I’ll let you’d know how they compare.

What is your favorite race energy “snack”? Gu, chews, beans, fruit?

SS x