Three Pink Things I Am Obsessed With For October

If you haven’t been able to tell, I am obsessed with PINK! It’s my absolute favorite color, because it’s the best color! Duh! Needless to say I love October because it all about two of my favorite things! Boobies and Pink!!

Yes, I know there are about 1,000,000 other ways to support Breast Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Awareness Month is about soooooo much more then just everything be recolored to the best color in the world. Check out the National Breast Cancer Foundation for more ideas and ways to help! Having said that I’m still gonna look for all of the super awesome Pink stuff this month that donates money to Breast Cancer Foundations!!

First up is the 24/7 Bra from ThirdLove

Pink Bra

ThirdLove will donate 20% of the purchase of any Pink 24/7 Bra!! These are the most comfortable bras in the world, no joke. It’s the only bra that I don’t take off immediately when I get home. I even have a discount code for $10.00 off a purchase of $50.00 or more – TLVIPKVZ10

ANDDDDDD they are even running a contest on Instagram!!  Check it out!!

Next, is the KitchenAid® 2-Speed Hand Blender 


KitchenAid doesn’t donate based on sales of their pink products. They donate $450,000 or more through their Cook For a Cure programs. Two of the programs are the Pass The Plate program, where you purchase a special plate, register it on their website, and make something delicious and pass it on to a friend. When your friend logs the plate on their website, KitchenAid will donate $5.00 to Susan G. Komen. The Second program is 10,000 Cupcakes where KitchenAid will donate $1.00 for every original picture of a Cupcake you bake and Share on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #10000Cupcakes and #donate. Don’t even give me a reason to make cupcakes, cause I will do and eat them all! How AMAZING are those!!!

Finally and my favorite this year is……………. The Ultimate Sandbag!!

Pink Sand Bag

Sandbags are such a great workout tool to use for functional training or “real life training.” Working with sandbags is like working real stuff we pick up every day like puppies, kittens, a bag full of donuts, you know everyday stuff. My absolute favorite part about this Breast Cancer Awareness Special is is taking the normal pick sandbag they sell all year round and giving people a 20% discount (use the code STRENGTH) and will be donating profits to Singleton Moms, a group to help single parents fighting cancer!!

So there you have it! My favorite pink stuff for October!

Have you come across anything amazing? Let me know!! I’ll probably buy it!

Kristen xo

Happy October!!

Is Fall everyone’s favorite time of year??? Yes, the answer is yes. Happy October!

So October is a huge fitness month for me. It is the perfect time for fitness!! Just after summer and wedding season, Just before the Holidays! There is about a six week gap where is the no reason that a person can’t be going hard on their workout goals! (Not that there is any excuse any time of the that you can’t over come, but I’m a realist people, I know how life gets). Anyway, I’m working out more! Here is a little list of the work out that I have been rolling with:


I’m about to start hitting the weight floor again too, but I have my first back to back races this weekend and can’t afford the extra muscle soreness. I also have a bunch of fitness events in October!!

October Weekend 1
Rock N Roll Remix San Jose
5K Saturday
13.1 Sunday

October Weekend 2
Insanity Training

October Weekend 3
Nike Women’s Half Marathon

October Weekend 4
Piyo Training

Plus Halloween is coming up! Time to Pull out all of the Scary Movies and Pumpkin flavored everything. I’m carving a Hello Kitty Pumpkin this year and continue to pronounce the word Punkin’ cause that’s how I roll.

Here are some pictures that I got super excited about yesterday!

Doing Insanity in my living room!!

Sitting on my floor in a sweaty heap after Insanity

Compression Pants with ice packs in them that I have lusted after for almost two years! Yes, they are men’s small and no I don’t care they fit perfect and I got them on sale discounted almost 50%

Going to the grocery store late and picking up a chicken for a health meal


What is your favorite thing about October?

Are you making the most of this time before the holidays when it comes to working out and eating healthy?

Kristen xo

PS. I going for a running streak this month! At least one mile a day!! Join me!!! #streakinginspandex


Naughty Blogger!!!

Well well well, look who crawled out from under a rock! Yeah………………………me.

October was a crazy month for me. Job Search, Weddings, Nike Women’s Marathon, Trip back home to Az, halloween. There so many things to catch up on! Just incase you were having withdrawals you can follow me on Instagram. I am kinda addicted to it!!

To catch up, last month I ran the Nike Women’s Marathon. This is the main race that I have been training for over the last three months. I actually had to train for this one. You can not cram for a marathon. Trust me. I tried this once and wanted to run directly into traffic at mile 21. Anywho, This year I put in some miles and the out come was a really really great! I might actually do another before the Nike Women’s next year.

The job search it still going on…………….. UGGGGGGG! Can someone give me a job already?? I promise I’ll work really hard and tell tons of work appropriate jokes.

I also went home to visit my mom in AZ for a while and went to FL for a wedding of some of my favorite people.

Nike Women’s Marathon Review coming up and tons more posts this month. So many in fact you might get annoyed. Ha ha Just kidding, you’ll love them. Anyway, here are some random pictures from October.



The 1st of October my BF came home with these.


Then he came home with this. I may or may not have been costing him a lot of dollars in bottles. He knows the way to my heart!




He then suggested that we make a Spiked Carmel Apple Cider. This is what I came up with! Winning!!


Rehearsal dinner in Miami.


I did a job interview via Skype, which also means I did a job interview wearing my pajama pants.


This could be a decent race pic, in a marathon of all races??


My newest fiction vice. Yes, I read teen fiction! Don’t judge me!


Sprinkles has gluten free cupcakes! Can you guess which one it GF?


I saw Abe Lincoln on the way to the Airport going to AZ. He looks really good for his age.

I’m sorry I have been neglecting my blog! I promise it won’t happen again until next time.

SS x

What was your favorite part of October?