Summer Cocktails – Paleo and Organic

I like to get my relax on and enjoy a few adult bevies by the pool every now and then. One thing I’ve noticed recently is that once you start putting good stuff in your body, you feel really bad when you put in bad stuff. I’m not talking about emotionally, although that can happen too, but I’m talking about physically.

Now and days I feel like I can’t drink like I did when I was younger – maybe it’s just that I am just getting older better with age or maybe it’s because I don’t eat an entire pizza before drinking anymore. Whatever the reason, I wanted to find a way to enjoy a mixed drink and not get the sugar/alcohol shakes in the morning. So I came across two awesome summer mixers that are super tasty, low in calories, organic, Paleo, gluten free, vegan and just overall amazing. Over the weekend I tested out these two new cocktails!!


Jalagreeno 2.0 Paleo-ish Margarita

What you need:

Jalagreeno 2.0 from Project Juice
100% Aqave Tequlia – I used Camarena

Ok, before anyone flips out on me about Paleo stuff, I understand that there is some debate on weather or not Tequila is Paleo. It’s derived from plants with no added sugars (as long as it is 100% Agave), gluten free and low-carb. So for all intents and purposes, if I’m Paleo and am going to drink, this is my jam.

I like my Margs frozen but for health reasons I do not own a margarita machine, but I do own an ice tray. I froze a full tray of Jalagreeno 2.0 and got out my magic bullet (best purchase of my life). 4 mixer cubes and 1.5 oz of Tequila is perfect for a single serving and easy enough to make again when you are ready for number two.


Organic Watermelon Berry Martini 

What you need:

Watermelon Berry mixer from Project Juice
Organic vodka – I love Prairie Vodka

This is possibly the easiest drink to make ever. Pour 2 oz of Vodka and 2 oz of Watermelon Berry in shaker with Ice. Shake it up and pour. The hard part is drinking more then two and still being able to walk.

The good news is that you can make a ton of drinks with these bottles of mixer. Bad news, you have to drink it all with in 24 hours of opening the bottle because there are no preservatives in them (hidden good news). Good news, you can freeze  whatever is left over. So there really is no bad news.


Please drink responsible and don’t drink and drive!

Here are the nutritional fact on each mixer for a 4 oz Serving:

Jalagreeno 2.0
Calories 28
Total Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 4mg
Total Carbohydrate 5g
-Sugars 4g

Watermelon Berry
Calories 38
Total Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 12mg
Total Carbohydrate 9g
-Sugars 7g


Totally acceptable beach drink!

I do partner with Project Juice for run club and enjoy a delicious juice from them from time to time. However, this post was not sponsored by Project Juice. It was sponsored by me and I just really really love their stuff! PS. They ship their juices if you don’t live in the bay area. If you called and asked nicely I bet they would ship the mixers for you! Just Sayin’

Kristen xox

Tuesday iPhone Photo Dump

So here are some random from the last week!


My office allows dogs. I’m basically a dog whisperer.



Gym Class Selfie! Getting ready for BodyAttack!



New Wellness shots at Project Juice, My favorite place on earth!



For my office Halloween outfit I was MMA Hello Kitty. She is so diverse!



A cop taking pics for Fans at the Giants World Series Champs parade.




Gluten Free cookies I made for our office Halloween Party.



Jared and I as Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld.




Free samples of Kind Bars that I got this morning when walking to work.

What is the most random Pic on your phone this week? You should Share it!!

Kristen xo

Rock N Roll Remix Challenge Review

Saturday and Sunday was my first back to back race weekend! I’ve been wanting to try it so when I got an email about the Rock N Roll Remix Challenge, 5k Saturday and half marathon Sunday, I was like “Sure! I’ll do that.” I figured 5k was easy enough to recover from before a half. Plus you get three medals for the whole weekend!! Boom!!!


The Orange on is the 10K medal. The half’s was the same but yellow, but you get the drift.

I live north of San Jose so I couldn’t pick up my packet before the race on Saturday but luckily enough they had race day pick up for the 5k. Yes!! You had me from hello Rock N Roll! I am not a morning person at all, so we ended up arriving about 15 min before the race was suppose to start. It was do organized that I was able to get my race stuff hit up the Port-a-potties and shimmy my way up to the front of the starting chute! Well done Rock N Roll race crew for anticipating my unorganized-ness. The race itself was flat and fast just like it! Plenty of water stops along the way. Basically perfect. I ended up 1st in my age group and 5 woman over all. Yay!!


We had some time to kill before the the expo opened for the half packet pick up so we hit up a breakfast spot right by the finish line. Once we finish we walked over to the convention center and it was still 30 min until it opened so we got in line but then they opened it 15 min early!! Yeah! Way to go Rock N Roll! Packet pick was super well organized, One of my favorite things about big races! We were in and out in about 10 min flat. That afternoon I spent some time in my sweet Ice Pants (Click here to read all about it) and then spent the evening in the city for the Bill Burr Show.


Post 5k food fest.


A little medal chomping outside of the expo.

Getting up the next morning was a little rough. I was surprisingly drained from the 5k and didn’t think I was going to run well at all in the half, plus I knew it was going to be a hot day and I just crumble in the heat. One thing I loved about Rock N Roll is that they sent out an email saying it was going to be hot and ways to run safe. It mapped out the misting stations as well so you could be prep’ed for the heat. However, before I started I thought maybe this whole back to back race thing isn’t my jam.


Pre-race selfie! Man I wish I had a sweet tiger shirt!!

Once again getting to the start was super easy and the corrals were really organized. I was in the second wave of starters so I crossed the start line about two min after they started the race. The course was flat and a lot of it was in neighborhoods that were covered with trees, so at least there was a little shade. There were tons of aid stations, and even one that was offering cold wet sponges. Awesome at the end when I was starting to feel a little fried. The only thing that I can say I wasn’t a fan or was the 10k and the Half Marathon courses merged at the end. I was trying to pick up the pace and finish strong and this made it a little hard as the 10k’ers were merging in.

Post race was incredible. There was a whole line up of awesome goodies at the end! Big bottles of Gatorade, Chocolate milk (one of my favorite recovery items see here), ice cold wash cloths to wipe down with, bananas, power bars and a ton more. Plus the medals were awesome. There was also a separate tent to pick up your bonus medals that was super organized.


Super quick bathroom change to watch some football at BJ’s in San Jose, where I ate an entire Gluten Free Pazookie!

All in all I give this race 5 Super sparkly stars out of five! Can’t wait to run another Rock N Roll Race.

Have you ever run a Rock N Roll Marathon Series Race?

What is your favorite post race recovery item?

Kristen xo

I like to call it Straking

So unemployment can be a little stressful especially if you have had a job or three since you were 15. When I get stressed out like really stressed out more then running can fix I bake. I don’t really like to eat what I bake. I just like to Stress Bake.

Being gluten free has made it harder for me to do some Straking (Stress + Bake, I also have an obsession with smashing words together to make new ones, you can use that if you want) but I thought I’d give it a go with something new.



Here is the recipe that I used, I found it on instagram…..


What I did was:

1.Bake cake – I usedBob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix20130829-163225.jpg

2. Destroy cake – yeah I did that!


3. Add Icing – I used Duncan Hines frosting. I used the creations and did half with Cotton Candy Flavoring Half Vanilla.


4. Mix Well – Got it


5. Scoop Batter – Yep


6. Roll Balls – Check


7. Chill Balls – I had the most chill balls around


8. Melt Chocolate – I actually used Wilton Candy Dips

9. Dip Balls and Stick


10. Stuff three in your mouth – Nailed it! (That was a secret step but still important)



They are delicious! So this is what I was doing last night instead of sleeping.

In other news, I’m running the Disneyland Half Marathon this weekend with my Girl!!! There will be lots of pictures, skipping and twirling!!

Are you running any races this weekend??

What are somethings, beside running, that you do to deal with stress?

SS x


I need another painkiller

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have done any training runs. Between birthdays and looking for a new job its been really hard to get motivated to lace up my shoes. On Monday I finally pushed myself to hit the road. I wanted to do a really long run but I teach two classes on Monday nights, RPM and BODYPUMP, back to back. So I finally settled on a 6 miler and got out there.

My route was going to be two laps around this lake by my place (one lap is just over 3 miles). It was crazy hot on Monday and I wasn’t into the run at all so at about mile 2.7 I was about to call it and walk home after the first lap.

THEN this song came on random on my iPod…….

Don’t judge me! I love British electronic music. That is beside the point. This song got me all hyped up and I ended up finishing my 6 miles no prob.

Monday was also the first day I ran with my one of my favorite Birthday presents………..




Let me tell you…..I LOVE IT!!!! The only only thing I wish this watch would do, it is really something none of the Nike+ apps/devices do but should, is show your last mile split. Until it does you can try and figure it out in your head while you are running. I usually try this for 30 seconds and then give up but at least I wasn’t thinking about running for 30 seconds!

In unrelated news, I have mentioned it once or twice that I am gluten free and I love to try new GF products! Somehow yesterday my boyfriend conned me in to cooking him dinner, I’m still not sure how he did it. He is tricky, that one! I’m not a very good cook so I’m not sure if he was conning me or himself but I did it. I had to pick up fixings for my dinner experiment at Sprouts.

They have a whole isle of gluten free goods as well as a ton of other GF products around the store!!! Hellz yeah! In my starving state I picked up these little beauties.


Notice how the bag is empty. It took my 15 seconds to eat them all. In my defense there were only four cookies in the bag. The tasted exactly like Chips Ahoy, or at least what I remember them tasting like. Disclaimer – Haven’t eaten regular cookies for a long time so “exactly” could be a stretch. In any case, you should try them!

Lots of songs get me motivated while running, what are some songs that keep you going or help you run harder?

Have you tried any awesome Gluten Free products lately??? Tell me what they are now and where I can get them!!!

SS x