CIZE LIVE is here, FREE Sneak Peek on July 9th!!

You may or may not have heard that there is a new group fitness class that is coming out from Beachbody Live called CIZE LIVE. What is CIZE LIVE?

Here is a little peek of me CIZEing it up in my back yard!

CIZE LIVE is a dance class for everyone. It is a great workout and makes people feel amazing… like the hottest, baddest, backup dancer on the planet! It’s about getting lost in the music and letting go of the world around you.

Here’s how it works. The full class starts with a warm up; a few dance moves and some stretches.  After the warm up is the breakdown! That is bulk of the class and breaks down all of the moves, putting them together for a 30 second combination.  Then the magic happens. Then it is time to CIZE it up!! Time to dance your heart out!! Not only does it make you feel great but it cranks up your heart rate like crazy! After the show, there is a cool down and a core section.

I know that I might be a little biased but this is the most fun I have had in a class in a long long time! And more importantly, when I’m done I’m also covered in sweat!!!

  • Length: 60 min classes
  • Equipment: None
  • What to wear: Tights, a comfy top, and funky shoes
  • Difficulty level: 5… but you are going to sweat your butt off!
  • Pros: Awesome workout without feeling like a workout at all.

For more information you can go directly to or comment below with any questions!! You should also come and try it out with me on July 9th in San Francisco…for FREE!!!


For those you that are interested in becoming instructors, I have an instructor training in San Francisco on August 16th. This is open for registration on – but hurry!! – this is one of the first certification classes in the Bay Area and is limited to 40 people!!!  Email me with any questions at

Kristen xo

Working my Core at Urban Balance Pilates

I recently had the opportunity to try out a one-on-one Pilates session at Urban Balance Pilates. I have only really experienced pilates in yoga/pilates fusion classes, never on it’s own. So when the opportunity came up to try it out I was all for it and plus, I’ve seen it on reality tv shows before, it looks totally easy……..Right.


Urban Balance Pilates is a beautiful private little studio in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. When I walked in I was greeted by an an adorable instructor, Kelly. She made me feel at ease right away. The first thing we did was talk about my medical history, my goals and Kelly also gave me some background about Pilates and her training. I have to admit  was a little intimidated by the equipment but Kelly reassured me that she was going to tell me everything I needed to know.



We started the workout on the reformer. A reformer is kind of like a big rowing machine that you lay on with ropes and a foot bar. Kelly told me that in classical Pilates there is a certain sequence to the workout that is followed every time. In the warm up, the exercises were pretty basic but with the resistance from the reformer and the slow controlled tempo I started to feel them working my muscles. As we got into the workout even more the exercises became more complex and I definitely had to think about every move before doing it. Even though there were a few exercises I didn’t think I was going to be able to do (like all of the upside down ones), Kelly guided me through them perfectly and pushed me to go a little further than I thought I could.

I have to admit this was not an easy workout. I was challenged from the start and at the end I was drenched in sweat and my muscles were shaking. It was a lot different then I expected. I learned a lot about my own body and where I have some work to do, especially since my core was super sore the next day. It’s a completely different style then the high intensity type of  workouts I am use to but now I’m super excited to explore Pilates even more.


Sorry the pic is blurry, my hands were shaking!!

Urban Balance Pilates

  • Length: 50 min Sessions
  • Equipment: Reformer, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates Chair, Pilates Barrel
  • Investment: 100-120 for personal sessions, 50-70 for duet sessions 
  • What to wear: Tank, Capris or Tights and no shoes
  • Difficulty level: 6 Because of the complexity of some of the moves
  • Pros: 1 on 1 sessions tailored to your fitness level, building strength and body awareness
  • Extras: Urban Balance Pilates also offers nutrition coaching for 100

I absolutely LOVED my time at Urban Balance Pilates and would recommend any one to start their Pilates journey here. For more information Visit Urban Balance Pilates on Facebook

***Please note: I am an ambassador for Fit Approach and Sweat Pink, and that’s how I received an awesome session at Urban Balance Pilates. I never give an opinion that is not my own, and I have a lot of them to share (just ask). ***  

Kristen xo

Foodie Friday – MealEnders

I love food, (LOVE IT!!!), but the struggle between staying healthy, eating for activity, keeping my butt from spilling out of my jeans and eating what I want is real!!! My biggest struggle is snacking and binge eating when I get home from work.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-31545-1380211201-24 (1)

I generally have pretty good will power but when I am tired all of that goes out the widow. There is actually a chemical reason that this happens. When you are tired and sleep deprived (like most of us are these days) the levels of a little hormone called Ghrelin, that control hunger, go up and another guy called Peptide YY, that make you feel full, go down. This is basically telling your body that you are starving and never full. Great for hot dog eating competitions not so good for bikini season.


Over the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to try a brand spanking new product out of San Francisco that helps with this exact issue I’ve been struggling all my life!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of MealEnders!


What’s a MealEnder?

I’m so glad you asked. MealEnders are “Signaling Lozenges” designed to help you stop eating when you are not hungry and to help you end a meal when you know you should be done.

How does it work?

Remember that Peptide YY I was just talking about? The trouble with that guy is that once you start eating it takes 20 min for it to kick in and tell your body it’s full. This leaves a 20 min window to keep stuffing your face. (Do you know know how much Pizza I can put down in 20 min? A lot!) This little gem pretty basically treats your mouth with a sweat “Reward Layer” and then reboots your taste buds with the “Inner Core’s Active-Taste Layer” The core is really where the magic happens. It produces a tingling sensation on your tongue working your trigeminal nerve making your brain forget that you wanted to taste that other half of the pizza and giving your body time to realize it’s full. Genius, right!


After trying them for the past few weeks I am totally sold on these bad boys. They taste great and really do work. It has not only stopped me from overeating at meals but I have also used them when I get the board or tired munchies and they worked then as well. My favorite flavor is citrus.

Here are the Deets on MealEnders:

Who are they good for? Everyone one! They are gluten free, low fat, Kosher, have no drugs, or herbs and no high fructose syrup.

What are the flavors? They come in four different flavors, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon, Citrus and Mocha.

Where do you get them? Right now they are sold exclusively on MealEnders website,

Best news yet!!! I have a giveaway for them!!!!! Four WHOLE bags! One in each flavor! Click the link below for ways to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. there is a secret way to get another entry on my Instagram! @therealkristenvz

***Please note: I am an ambassador for Fit Approach and Sweat Pink, and that’s how I received these sweet MealEnders products to try and giveaway. I never give an opinion that is not my own, and I have a lot of them to share (just ask). ***  

Weekend Wedding Planning, My Fit Foods and getting ready for my first post flu race

This weekend Jared and I are doing one of the best parts of wedding planning. Tasting the food! We are in Scottsdale, meeting with our possible caterers and stuffing our faces along the way. We also went to check out the Resort where all of our guests are going to be staying. Since or wedding theme is basically, Keeping it Classy, we decided to get our hotel block in the Talking Stick Casio in Scottsdale. Nothing says wedding like Black Jack, 80 year old women with oxygen tanks and Thunder Down Under!

Jared and I checking out the view before hitting the Black Jack tables

In between stuffing our faces and winning big on the tables, we have found time to stay somewhat healthy and work out a little. After the gym today we were running errands and we drove past this place called My Fit Foods. So you know I had to try that!

Cilantro Lime Turkey, Sweet Teriyaki Chicken Wrap and Veggies in the Raw

Basically the deal is, it is pre-portioned meals that are made fresh, super health and don’t cost a fortune. I would say that there were about 60 different options split into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Jared and I got two lunch meals, a snack box, cookie and a drink and it was only 22.00.


Some of the things I loved about My Fit Foods are:

1. 99% of there items were gluten free! Big Win!

2. There are big and small portions for most dishes. Great when trying to feed one little person and one giant.

3. Their staff was super helpful.

4. The food was delish!

SOLD! I’m going to try and find one in NorCal as soon as I get home!

Tomorrow, I am running my first face “post-flu race!” It is the Scottsdale Giant 9k so I should be fine but it’s going to be an adventure non the less. I still have a little cough which might be an issue but I’ll work though it.

When going to pick up my packet it was in the Baseball Expo for spring training. Jared actually just dropped me off so I could run in and get my bib. There was a huge festival and so many Giants fans and looked like so much fun I almost wanted to just stay and party but I remembered the man was waiting and he was my ride home.

If anyone is running the Scottsdale Giant Race tomorrow come and find me and we can take a selfie!!

Kristen ox

PS. There is still time to enter my Hemp Hearts Giveaway!! Click this link – a Rafflecopter giveaway

50% off Uforia Studios in SF and My Hip Hop Alter Ego.

Yesterday morning I had the awesome opportunity to try out a Hip Hop Class at Uforia Studio. About a million years ago I use to dance a lot but it’s been a while. So today I decided to bust out my Hip Hop alter ego, Special K.

Special K back again! I’m sooooo hip hop!

When I heard about Uforia I was soooooooo excited to see they had a Hip Hop class. They also have cycling, yoga, resistance and other dance formats including Zumba on the schedule (oh yeah, I’m going to try all of them too, Stay Tuned!). They have an online booking system that makes it really easy to reserve a spot.

The studio itself is beautiful plus there were hair ties and bobby pins in the bathroom. LOVE IT!! The class was packed but not so full that you couldn’t move. The instructor was Jazon. He took us through a warm up and then we got in to the class. I thought it was going to be similar to a Zumba Class (how each song has it’s own moves) but to my delight, it was moves that built on each other to make a complete routine at the end. The music was awesome and Jazon was such an amazing teacher. I think he maybe said 15 words the whole class but everyone in the room knew exactly what to do. I can easily say that this was one of the best classes I have taken in a long, long time! I loved every second and was sweating like an animal… that could bust a move!! They also gave out cold towels after class, yeah that happened!

Jazon and I after class! I was a sweaty hot mess!

Uforia Studios has one location in Palo Alto and are opening a new location in San Francisco in Nob Hill soon and I could not be more excited! The best part of this is that I have a super special early VIP discount code that can get 50% off a 10, 20, 30 or 50 class pack! The code is: SPARKLESPANDEX sign up here. Do it!! You’ll be one of the first people at the hottest new studio in SF and we can twerk it out together because I’ll be there for sure (that’s not a lie, I actually twerked today and it was awesome)!!

If you want more info on Uforia check out there website.

Thanks to Uforia Studios and Sweat Guru!!

Kristen xo

Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon, Superbowl Sunday and Olives To Go

Super Bowl Sunday!! Whew, what a busy day!! I like to run a race before the big game because I know for a fact that I am going to get my grub on hardcore!!! This year, the same as last year, I ran the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon in San Francisco.

Last year I wasn’t a huge fan of the race. It was really rainy and there were no medals at the end and I thought it was just so so. This year however, I think they really stepped up their game. The weather was really great too, I know they don’t have control over that but it does help in keeping me happy. Here are the things I loved about this race:

1. They send you your bib and timing tag. I’m all for a fun expo but having your stuff sent to you is super awesome and it keeps my Fiance sane by not taking up the whole weekend for a race.

2. Most of the race in in Golden Gate Park and the rest is along the beach.

3. There was chocolate milk at the end and that’s my favorite!

After the race I was ready to go to Grub Town!!! Although it wasn’t all just pigging out. This is what happens when you go to a Super Bowl Party with a Fitness Blogger!

Every touchdown!!!

Last Night I received a super awesome package from Pearls Olives!!!!!


Here are five reasons that olives are awesome and we should eat them everyday!!


1. They are great for your skin, hair, and can improve the appearance of wrinkles!!!! – There is Vitamin E in them and that can help protect your skin from the sun. There is also Oleic acid in them that can make your hair softer and thicker and smooth out your skin!

2. They are packed with ANTIOXIDANTS!!  – Magical antioxidants that fight free radicals and protect our cells against cancer.

3. They help keep your muscles working! – They are packed with iron that is going to help keep your muscles killing your workouts!

4. They are a natural pain killer! – Their oil contains oleocanthal that has anti-inflammatory agents. So it’s kind of like natures delicious Advil.

5. THEY CAN HELP YOU BURN FAT!!!!!! – I saved this one for last because it’s the best!!!! They stimulate your body to make adiponectin helping you breakdown fat cells!!

Go get some now so we can be super strong, pain free, cancer free, sexy haired, lean mean machines!!

What was your thing favorite this about Super Bowl Sunday?

How much do you love olives and what Is your favorite kind?

Kristen ox

Orange is the new Fit!

While I was back in Arizona I had an opportunity to try a Orangetheory Fitness workout. I have been dying to try it!!! I have heard such great things about it, so the bar was set pretty high. The only time I was able to make was a 7 am class that is 30 min from my parents house. Shows just how much I wanted to try it out because I am NOT a morning person. Anyway, I woke up at a ridiculous hour to get there on time and there was no coffee ready for me either.

When I got to the studio, I was set up with a heart rate monitor, got a water and was ready for the workout. The studio is set up like a big L shape treadmills and row machines on one part and a “weight room” along the bottom. The actual workout was 60 mins made up of blocks of work on the rowers (rowing a certain amount then doing an exercise like push ups or lunges and repeating), with the weights (normal resistance training stuff like squats, using the TRX, Tricep dips) and on the treadmill (easy pace all the way up to sprinting based on the block and fitness level). It is an interval based workout, designed so your heart rate will peak then come back down, then peak higher in the next interval and come down a little again and so on, ending with a final huge peak and a recovery period so you can walk out the door.

Everyone is moving so fast it’s a blur, maybe it’s just because it’s so early.

The goal is to get as much time (12-20 min) in the “Orange” heart rate zone (84% or higher of your maximum heart rate). You can track this on screens in the studio that show where your heart rate is. The reason this is so great is because it creates what an “afterburn.” This is due to what scientist call EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. There are all sorts of science type ways to explain but basically it is the rate that your body can get back to normal after a workout. While your body is bringing it’s bad ass self back to normal it’s burning calories like a machine to get there! BOOM! So in the class when you are pushing your max for longer periods of time, the farther away from normal you are getting, and the longer its going to take to get back to normal, burning more calories!! Cycle of Awesome!

I loved the mood lighting, partly because I was still half asleep and my eyes weren’t ready for the light yet.

I absolutely loved this workout and I was sweating my butt off. I was super challenged, the music was great and I can see how this would get you super fit fast. I’m a workout gadget nerd, so the heart rate screens were really exciting for me and I love how it caters to all fitness levels because my 84% is not the same as the person on the treadmill next to me. This is one of my favorite HIIT workouts around and we all know how many are out there these days! Side note, they also have super cute OTF tank tops, so you can still look super cute even if you are a sweaty mess.

This is the break down at the end of class!

Me and one of my Favorite trainers in the world!!! At OTF he is know as Thunder go find his class and get on the wait list for it!


Have you ever tried Orangetheory Fitness?

How much did you love it?

Kristen ox