Two Instructor Life Hacks!

Ok… so these are not just for instructors – anyone can use them! But I use them mainly for my group fitness life.

1. De-cluter your life

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in instructor Dvd’s?

I found these handy dandy little Dvd sleeves. They hold two disks, have a section for notes as well as the cover! The way I decided to store my library was, notes in front, then the Dvd’s, and then the cover folded in half in the back. The reason I did this was was so that I could still see the song list on the back of the sleeve. This makes 3 Dvd sets shrink down to the size of one Dvd case.

I am still constructing my office but this took my DVD collection from an entire book case to just one cube!!

2. Stretch the life of your workout clothes.

I love to wear black when I exercise but having to wash my stuff all the time tends to fade out my workout gear. Quite often the color fades before the clothes actually wear out. When that happens I like to extend the life of my stuff by performing a little at-home-dye-job.  Sounds easy enough but there are a few things to keep in mind when doing this:

  • Only try this is if the only other option is throwing away your piece of clothing. I wouldn’t try it on a perfectly fine pair of Lulu Yoga pants.
  • Make sure everything on your piece of clothing is black. If there is anything on them that white or a different color, that part can turn to a weird shade of gray.
  • Wear gloves. The dye will turn your hands black!
  • Make sure your sink won’t stain. There is no point in ruining your bathroom for a $40.00 pair of shorts.
  • After you finish, wash your clothes one more time. Black sweat is not natural or cute.

I buy RIT dye from the grocery store for $2.99 a bottle. There are instructions on the bottle but the way I like to use it is in the sink – one piece of clothing at a time. I use hot hot water and an old kitchen spoon to mix it all up. I let it soak for about 45 min, then rinse out all of the dye. Finally, I wash it by itself just to get out any excess dye.



If it doesn’t work then I am am only out $2.99 and then I go buy new shorts, because obviously I need them. DUH!

Kristen xox

Foodie Friday – MealEnders

I love food, (LOVE IT!!!), but the struggle between staying healthy, eating for activity, keeping my butt from spilling out of my jeans and eating what I want is real!!! My biggest struggle is snacking and binge eating when I get home from work.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-31545-1380211201-24 (1)

I generally have pretty good will power but when I am tired all of that goes out the widow. There is actually a chemical reason that this happens. When you are tired and sleep deprived (like most of us are these days) the levels of a little hormone called Ghrelin, that control hunger, go up and another guy called Peptide YY, that make you feel full, go down. This is basically telling your body that you are starving and never full. Great for hot dog eating competitions not so good for bikini season.


Over the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to try a brand spanking new product out of San Francisco that helps with this exact issue I’ve been struggling all my life!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of MealEnders!


What’s a MealEnder?

I’m so glad you asked. MealEnders are “Signaling Lozenges” designed to help you stop eating when you are not hungry and to help you end a meal when you know you should be done.

How does it work?

Remember that Peptide YY I was just talking about? The trouble with that guy is that once you start eating it takes 20 min for it to kick in and tell your body it’s full. This leaves a 20 min window to keep stuffing your face. (Do you know know how much Pizza I can put down in 20 min? A lot!) This little gem pretty basically treats your mouth with a sweat “Reward Layer” and then reboots your taste buds with the “Inner Core’s Active-Taste Layer” The core is really where the magic happens. It produces a tingling sensation on your tongue working your trigeminal nerve making your brain forget that you wanted to taste that other half of the pizza and giving your body time to realize it’s full. Genius, right!


After trying them for the past few weeks I am totally sold on these bad boys. They taste great and really do work. It has not only stopped me from overeating at meals but I have also used them when I get the board or tired munchies and they worked then as well. My favorite flavor is citrus.

Here are the Deets on MealEnders:

Who are they good for? Everyone one! They are gluten free, low fat, Kosher, have no drugs, or herbs and no high fructose syrup.

What are the flavors? They come in four different flavors, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon, Citrus and Mocha.

Where do you get them? Right now they are sold exclusively on MealEnders website,

Best news yet!!! I have a giveaway for them!!!!! Four WHOLE bags! One in each flavor! Click the link below for ways to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. there is a secret way to get another entry on my Instagram! @therealkristenvz

***Please note: I am an ambassador for Fit Approach and Sweat Pink, and that’s how I received these sweet MealEnders products to try and giveaway. I never give an opinion that is not my own, and I have a lot of them to share (just ask). ***  

50% off Uforia Studios in SF and My Hip Hop Alter Ego.

Yesterday morning I had the awesome opportunity to try out a Hip Hop Class at Uforia Studio. About a million years ago I use to dance a lot but it’s been a while. So today I decided to bust out my Hip Hop alter ego, Special K.

Special K back again! I’m sooooo hip hop!

When I heard about Uforia I was soooooooo excited to see they had a Hip Hop class. They also have cycling, yoga, resistance and other dance formats including Zumba on the schedule (oh yeah, I’m going to try all of them too, Stay Tuned!). They have an online booking system that makes it really easy to reserve a spot.

The studio itself is beautiful plus there were hair ties and bobby pins in the bathroom. LOVE IT!! The class was packed but not so full that you couldn’t move. The instructor was Jazon. He took us through a warm up and then we got in to the class. I thought it was going to be similar to a Zumba Class (how each song has it’s own moves) but to my delight, it was moves that built on each other to make a complete routine at the end. The music was awesome and Jazon was such an amazing teacher. I think he maybe said 15 words the whole class but everyone in the room knew exactly what to do. I can easily say that this was one of the best classes I have taken in a long, long time! I loved every second and was sweating like an animal… that could bust a move!! They also gave out cold towels after class, yeah that happened!

Jazon and I after class! I was a sweaty hot mess!

Uforia Studios has one location in Palo Alto and are opening a new location in San Francisco in Nob Hill soon and I could not be more excited! The best part of this is that I have a super special early VIP discount code that can get 50% off a 10, 20, 30 or 50 class pack! The code is: SPARKLESPANDEX sign up here. Do it!! You’ll be one of the first people at the hottest new studio in SF and we can twerk it out together because I’ll be there for sure (that’s not a lie, I actually twerked today and it was awesome)!!

If you want more info on Uforia check out there website.

Thanks to Uforia Studios and Sweat Guru!!

Kristen xo

Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon, Superbowl Sunday and Olives To Go

Super Bowl Sunday!! Whew, what a busy day!! I like to run a race before the big game because I know for a fact that I am going to get my grub on hardcore!!! This year, the same as last year, I ran the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon in San Francisco.

Last year I wasn’t a huge fan of the race. It was really rainy and there were no medals at the end and I thought it was just so so. This year however, I think they really stepped up their game. The weather was really great too, I know they don’t have control over that but it does help in keeping me happy. Here are the things I loved about this race:

1. They send you your bib and timing tag. I’m all for a fun expo but having your stuff sent to you is super awesome and it keeps my Fiance sane by not taking up the whole weekend for a race.

2. Most of the race in in Golden Gate Park and the rest is along the beach.

3. There was chocolate milk at the end and that’s my favorite!

After the race I was ready to go to Grub Town!!! Although it wasn’t all just pigging out. This is what happens when you go to a Super Bowl Party with a Fitness Blogger!

Every touchdown!!!

Last Night I received a super awesome package from Pearls Olives!!!!!


Here are five reasons that olives are awesome and we should eat them everyday!!


1. They are great for your skin, hair, and can improve the appearance of wrinkles!!!! – There is Vitamin E in them and that can help protect your skin from the sun. There is also Oleic acid in them that can make your hair softer and thicker and smooth out your skin!

2. They are packed with ANTIOXIDANTS!!  – Magical antioxidants that fight free radicals and protect our cells against cancer.

3. They help keep your muscles working! – They are packed with iron that is going to help keep your muscles killing your workouts!

4. They are a natural pain killer! – Their oil contains oleocanthal that has anti-inflammatory agents. So it’s kind of like natures delicious Advil.

5. THEY CAN HELP YOU BURN FAT!!!!!! – I saved this one for last because it’s the best!!!! They stimulate your body to make adiponectin helping you breakdown fat cells!!

Go get some now so we can be super strong, pain free, cancer free, sexy haired, lean mean machines!!

What was your thing favorite this about Super Bowl Sunday?

How much do you love olives and what Is your favorite kind?

Kristen ox

Vacay Workout – Park edition

The holidays can make it hard to workout, especially if you’re travelling. Sometimes you have to get creative. While we were in Arizona visiting my parents, we took a little walk to get some sort of workout in. We came up to a park and it was the perfect place to really get a workout in. Here is a some ideas that can make a pretty good impromptu workout!!

Box Jumps

3-4 sets
8-10 Reps
30 Second rest between sets

Quick Box Jump rules
1. Land Softly – Protect your joints!
2. Pick a height you can make – Bloody shins are not hot.
3. Don’t forget to use your arms – It’s going to help you jump higher.

Box jumps are going to increase your heart rate and burn a ton of calories. They are going to help balance and stability. They are also great for your Quads, Calves and Glutes.

Single Leg Negative Squats

3-4 Sets
10-15 Reps per leg
30 Second rest between sets

Quick Single Leg Squats rules
1. Think about pushing your weight through your heal – Activates that booty
2. Tempo is key – the slower and more controlled you go the more it is going to work
3. Watch your knees – Don’t let you knees move further forward then your toes

Single Leg squats are really going to target your booty and work on stability and strength.

Calf Raises

3-4 Sets
20 Reps
30 Second rest

Quick Calf Raise rules
1. Push through the balls of your feet
2. Push evenly though both feet – Don’t play any favorites
3. Drop down past the step – Stretching during the exercise, Bonus!

Calf raises work your calves, duh! It’s also good for creating stability for your ankle and helping with over all balance.

Tricep Dips

3-4 Sets
20 Reps
30 Second rest

Quick Tricep Dips rules
1. Hands should be shoulder width apart – to create a stable base
2. Keep a slight bend in your elbow at the top of the movement – Protect those joints
3. Keep your shoulders down – Keep the tension out your neck

Tricep Dips are going to make sure that only your hand is waving when you are saying goodbye. I love these because as soon as you get good at you set you cam make them harder by lifting one leg or moving your legs farther away from your body.

Push ups

3-4 Set
Go until failure
30 seconds rest

Quick Push Up rules
1. Keep your eyes forward – Looking between your hands is going to take your neck out of alignment
2. Think of your body as one long line – I’m all about that Bass but keep that butt down for this one
3. It’s better to do 5 great pushups then 30 crappy ones

Push ups are such a great exercise for your upper body. They work your chest, shoulders, arms and core. Plus, if you can do push ups on your toes you look like a bad ass! I personally struggle with push ups on my toes. Working towards them I use a bench or a little elevation to help me build strength so I can eventually do them on my toes.

Negative Pull Ups

3-4 Sets
Go until Failure
30 Seconds rest

Quick Negative Pull Up rules
1. Use a under hand grip – Finger tips toward your face
2. Hold at the top
3. Tempo is everything – The slower you come down the better the work

Like with the push ups, I am working towards full pull ups. Doing negative pull ups is going to build up the strength in your back to get you to full pull ups. Bringing Sexy backs ……..back.

Body Weight Rows

3-4 Sets
10-15 Reps
30 Seconds rest

Quick Body Weight Row rules
1. Keep your neck in line with with rest of your spine
2. Think about using your mid back muscles to pull you up
3. Brace your abs to keep your body in alignment

Rows are one of my favorite exercises for posture, pulling your shoulders back. Plus, who doesn’t love to hang upside down!

I like to do these exercises in sets but you could also do a circuit. Doing one set of each one and moving on to the next with no rest in-between. This is going to keep your heart rate up and can make the workout a little more challenging.

These are just fun things to do at the play ground:

What are some creative exercises you do?

Kristen ox

Tuesday Photo Dump and Why I Love the Bay Area

Last night I cleared out all of the 4,344 of the photos from my iPhone. Here are some randoms from the past few weeks.

We got to puppy sit this sweet boy!!! ❤

Busted out for work one day for a sneaky lunch with this awesome chick!

We play adult kickball and win championships!

Office Holiday Party ready! Yes, I am wearing make up!!

Reason # 1 I love the Bay Area – Tahoe is supper close!

Reason #2 I love the Bay Area – We have a really good Basketball team that is super fun to watch!

Reason # 3 I love the Bay Area – You can get all cultured and go see a Christmas Carol live!

See sometimes I wear non-gym clothes.

She loves blogging too!

Ugly Sweater Christmas Cookies!!

All Christmas every Christmas!!!

What are some things you love about where you live?

How many pics are on your phone? If it’s over 4,000 its time for a clean out!

Kristen xo

Get Paid To Look Good – Pact App Review

Yeah I said it. No, I’m not trying to sell you something. It’s my newest favorite app that pays you to eat healthy and workout. No lie!! Seems too good to be true right? Here is the deal. The app is called Pact. There are three “Pacts” that you can make in the app. The first one is a workout pact. You decide how many days a week you are going to work out. The way you get credit for working out is one of three different ways. The first is by checking in to a gym in the app using GPS. You have be checked in to the gym for at least 30 min then check out when you are done. The next way is to use a activity tracker like Jawbone Up or an activity app like Map My Fitness and sync it up to Pact. The third way is a motion tracker built into the app.

I used the motion tracker in the app to do Bodyflow with this cutie patootie!

The next pact is a for tracking food. You have to download the app My Fitness Pal and track at least 1200 calories each day and three meals. With this pact you also have to select how many days you want to commit to. Side note, My Fitness Pal is how I found out that I can only eat as much food in one day as my Fiance if I run a marathon.

The last and my favorite is the Veggie pact. In this pact you pick a number of fruit and veggies servings that you want to eat during the week. To get credit for them you have to take a picture of your fruit or veg and then other users get to vote if it is a legit fruit or veg and if it is a full serving. You’ll quickly see that what some people think are veggies is a little crazy!

IMG_8520 Veggie  IMG_8274 Fruit???   IMG_8470 What??????

If you do all of your activities for the week you get paid dollaz!!!!! Heck yes!! you can get paid any where from .50 upward depending on how many activities you do and how many weeks you have been doing it for! Amazeballz right? OK, it’s not a lot of money but here is the kicker that is gonna keep you motivated. If you miss a day Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn……………… you have to pay!!!! What!?!?! You decide what you pay from 5.00 upward!!! So basically, if you miss a day you are paying the people that have kept their pact for the week. If there is one thing that will keep me motivated is the thought of losing money! To even start this you have to enter your credit card information.

Week 1 & 2

Week 3 & 4

Total to date! That’s enough for two Pumpkin Spice Lattes that I could try and pass off as fruit for this week!

I absolutely LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE this app! No lie Pact has kept me motivated when I didn’t want to workout at all. Even last week when I was recovering from my Marathon it got me out on the street for light jogs and walking, which helped me recover a lot faster!

This app is on Apple App Store and Google Play! Go out and get this app and connect with me on it! Get PAID!!

*All of these opinions are mine. I’m not affiliated with Pact other then just a user!*

What is your favorite fitness app?

Kristen xo