How I Feel After a Leg Day in Memes and Gifs

This week I had an amazing leg day. With all of the CIZE’ing and teaching I haven’t been hitting the weight room as much as I like but with my wedding coming up I am now making it a priority again!

I love the burn in your muscles after a great weights workout but I always forget how hard it is to live with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). The short explanation of the DOMS is tiny micro tears in your muscles that cause stiff joints, swelling in the muscles,  a reduction in range of motion, temporary reduction in strength and soreness (duh). Don’t worry these micro tears are not a bad thing! They can actually make your muscles denser, bigger and stronger! So basically a sore booty is a growing booty! YEAH!!

BUT this is what it feels like!!

When you leave the gym after your EPIC workout.


When you are getting ready for bed


When you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom


When it’s actually time to get out of bed


You get to work and the elevator is broken so you have to take the stairs


When you need your second cup of coffee from the office kitchen


Basically any time you have to get up from your desk


When anyone touches you


When your Sig. Other asks if you want to go to the gym


Finally when you make it into bed


So I’m gonna rock on and keep telling my friends that my walk is just Swag and not that every time I take a step it feels like I’m getting stabbed in the hamstrings.

Kristen xox

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