Workout Wednesday – Office workout for sitting at your desk all day

As much as I beg and stomp my feet, it turns out I’m never going to be a stay at home wife……..even though it’s my dream job. Like most people I spend my day behind a desk, slapping a keyboard, not bopping around from workout to workout, drinking juice all day, walking my adorable puppy in my Lulu’s (but a girl can dream can’t she, #lifegoals).

The older I get, I notice more and more that sitting all day is messing with my body and even my workouts. Yes, I do workout a lot but even with all that, I still need extra stuff to counteract 8 hours a day on my tush. Not including the over health issues sitting causes like increased risk of heart disease, slower metabolism, and increased risk of cancer, it really does mess with your muscles and body composition. There is good news though, getting up every hour can help reduce all of that junk. Here are a few exercises that you can do in your office that can help the muscles that get weak from sitting. I promise you wont get too sweaty but I can’t promise your co-workers wont laugh at you.

Upper back and Shoulders

What Happens: When sitting most people relax and slouch in their chair rolling their shoulders forward.
Why it’s bad:  This creates a weak shoulder muscles, poor posture and tight chest muscles.
How to fix it: Back Flys with a resistance band. This builds the back muscles that pull your shoulders back and create great posture.


What Happens: When sitting the glutes do NOTHING!
Why it’s bad: This affects stability, getting up and down, a person’s stride and bikini bottoms.
How to fix it: Chair Squats. This strengthens glutes and builds them up to make new jeans fit just right.


What Happens: When someone slouches in there chair the abs are not engaged and back muscles get tight from supporting the upper body.
Why it’s bad:  This weakens the ab muscles that protect the lower back and tucks hips under creating that flat tummy.
How to fix it: Chair ab leg extensions. This builds the lower abs and inner ab stabilizing muscles

I like to spread them out during the day. Here are two different ways to do that. Every hour get up and do one exercise until failure, rotating through them all during the day is one way. Another way is to do a set amount of each every hour. For example, 15 flys, 15 squats, 15 leg extentions. Whatever why you choose, just make sure to set a timer and get out of that chair.

Bonus: If you can take a walk at lunch and/or sit on a swiss ball at your desk! Every little bit helps!

Kristen xo

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