Foodie Friday with a Giveaway!!!

Happy Friday People!! After last week being super sick with the flu and this week trying to catch up from last week I’m super pumped to be feeling better and ready for the weekend!!

I’m not gonna lie after taking a full week off of working out because of the flu, this week was rough getting back in to my routine. My suggestion is don’t get the flu. It’s not cool.

My kitty and I snuggling on the couch when I was sick. Every time I would cough he put his little paw on my face.

Sooooo I have a small obsession with Whole Foods! It could possibly be my favorite grocery store ever. One thing I have seen on display recently is Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods and you know if they sell it at Whole Foods it must be awesome!! Looking into them they are one of those magical super foods that contain a whole lot of protein and all sorts of omega-3 and -6 goodness!

I recently got to try out Hemp Hearts for myself. I got them then I really had no Idea what to do with them. They are little seeds that kind of look like uncooked Quinoa. The only thing I could do was take it to the Pintrest to see what I could make with the little guys. Let me tell you there are about a million awesome recipes on there that I want to try! I decided to try unfried fried chicken tenders. I got the recipe from here at

Not that many ingredients!

Pre-cooked looking good!

They came out amazing!!!! I had them with honey mustard and Franks Red Hot, cause I put that shizz on everything! They would be perfect for a party. They tasted so delicious that I bet no one would be able tell they were super healthy! I actually had them today as leftovers for lunch too and they were still amazeballz!

Super Delicious yum yum!!

Even Bella wanted some and she is a fat cat!!

Now you can make some of these delicious treats for yourself by entering my giveaway for a bag of Hemp Hearts!! Click on the link below to enter!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kristen ox

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